"Not Your Ordinary Masonic Passport."


The 2019 Blue Masonic Passport by 33Travellers is the most unique masonic novelty item made only to a benevolent purpose, to inspire every member of the fraternity to travel more, discover knowledge and support other lodges.


Unlike other passports in the market, every page of our Masonic Passport includes different beautiful illustrations that only members can truly decipher the symbolic meaning. 33Travellers offers a bigger space for easy lodge-seal stamping and writing. It also includes an emergency contact information space located on the last page of the booklet.


Every year we intend to make the Masonic Passport better and better to provide quality and inspiration to every brother that would carry one along their journey of enlightenment. Starting this 2019, we partake each part of every sale to charity for Children's Hospital, making each owner a part of a child's fight from their conditions for better health. 


The 33Travellers Masonic Passport is the best gift you can have or give to fellow masons, Especially welcoming a newly raised member or a token of your lodge.


For every brother has a story to tell. 




Users should provide their best photos and lodge details on their own. 

Nonmembers of the fraternity are NOT LIMITED to purchase this beautiful passport to be given as a gift to a newly raised Master Mason or to any Masons in the family. The use of the Masonic Passport is limited only for members of The Freemasons.

Masonic Passport by 33Travellers

  • Features:

    • 30 pages of well-sewn recycled and less porous paper to prevent ink from seeping through the back page.
    • Includes new security anti-fraud laser sticker.
    • 26 pages of lodge visitation with 13 pages of redesign illustrations.
    • 1 page for your membership to other Blue Lodges.
    • Enclosed in a tri-folded card and sealed with a hard envelope for additional protection on long distance delivery.
    • 5.25"L x 3.75"W dimension for more writing space and fun!
    • 7.1cm x 4.9cm size of your best good-looking photo.
  • We do not accept returns and refunds. All sales are final.

    But please contact us first if you have any problems with your order.