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What is a Masonic Passport?

It is a novelty item used by members of the fraternity to collect lodge seals and fun notes from brethren of different lodges. A booklet that triggers inspiration to travel more and seek further knowledge from unique places.

Who can purchase the Masonic Passport?

-Anyone can purchase it to serve as a great gift to any member of the fraternity, especially to a newly raised Master Mason or welcoming an Entered Apprentice. Only members can use it since only members can have access to the Sec. of the Lodge.

Does owning one make me a Mason?

-Possessing one does not make a person a member of the elite group. It takes way more than any tangible thing to become a member. But men seeking the light are always welcome to Freemasonry.

Can I use this for international travel to other countries?

-This is not a government issued material and cannot be used for any government purposes of entry to any government jurisdiction.

What happens after filling up my pages?

-Get a new one to continue your journey with fun. We usually renew our design every year making each passport a limited collection with your personal stories to tell.





Why is this ring Made-To-Order?

-Every silver ring that we make starts just after the purchase. We make sure that we have enough amount of silver to make the required size. We make 5 rings at a time for molding and casting. After a couple of days, we prepare the rings for polishing and pack it for shipping. 

Allergic to Silver?

-We can cast a 14k yellow or white gold as requested by the buyer. Costing depends on the daily gold value. Inquire anytime for further details and duration of production time.

What is the size of the head?

-The circumference is measured 1.5cm.

I don't know my ring size?

-There are a few sites online to know your size. Ring Sizes Chart from the U.K., Japan, and other countries have different measurements. 




How Can I Join The 33Travellers Hall Of Fame?

There are two options on joining the good cause:

-A single purchase amounting to $500.
-Or a donation of $300 to be sent straight to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children through our site. 100% of the donation will be donated. (A receipt copy will be provided for tax purposes.)



Your best photo, Masonic lodge, and number will be required for us to post your photo in our Hall of Fame Page.


Your best photo and a few encouraging words are required for us to post your photo in our Hall of Fame Page.


Why is 33Travellers have two "L"?

As a lowercase letter, it resembles the two basal pillars Jachin & Boaz.






We only process orders with a successful transaction. Some form of payments might take a while to process depending on your financial mode of payment or bank. 

We ship all over the world. We are not responsible for any wrong delivery address provided to your order form. 

Kindly translate your delivery address in english if needed. It is a requirement here in U.S. postal service.

Please allow more time of delivery to international shipping. Although every order includes a Tracking Number, some information might not work anymore once it gets to some country. Not all country works with our local postal service. 


For local delivery, we suggest that the buyer should always be on a lookout for the date of package arrival to their mailbox. Stolen packages are not our responsibility. 






We do not accept returns and refunds. if there is an issue with the product please let us know right away. We'll be glad to help and make things right for you. We can allow cancellation anytime as long as we haven't created the shipping label. 

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