The Masonic Passport


Inspiring Masters to visit other recognized lodges around the world since 2012.

Your Journey of exploration begins here

Every passport has a story to tell.

Master Travelers have been around for over a century with roots deeply embedded within masonic history.


One of the most enjoyable experiences as a 3rd Degree Mason is for the pleasure to be able to track other lodges that we visit.


We realized a demand to create a product that will greatly expand our masonic experience with the purpose of inspiring brothers to visit other lodges. 

We started as a small store in eBay back in 2012 and have grown our operations significantly and have sold thousands of our passports to date.


Our mission is simple: to create an inspiring novelty booklet as a personal record of a brother’s journey and progression through the lessons of Freemasonry.


Starting this year 2019, 33Travellers opens a doorway for buyers to be a part of helping children in critical condition by involving our Masonic Passport to donate a part of its sales to charity foundation. 


So, how many unique lodge seals can you collect this year? Enjoy traveling! 

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